Friday, July 04, 2008

Beware of Stupid Priests' Blogs!


I have looked at the Blog of a priest and I cannot keep my peace! He knows who he is! He is the biggest bastard on the Internet! Where does he get off pontificating on everything— telling people their business?

This is what I told him:

As a woman and as an enlightened person, I will frankly tell you that I oppose virtually everything you write about! You act as if God is some uptight anal retentive male who votes Republican and who delights in controlling others! Sorry, but this is not my God. If a higher power exists, I suspect that he has given us liberty to pretty much find our own way.

ABOUT ABORTION – Some blob of cells or embryo is not a child and is not a human being worth saving. It is not viable and in any case, the choice belongs to a woman and her doctor. Government and fanatical ministers have no place in this discussion! A young girl impregnated by her father or by some bastard priest should not be forced to carry the fetus to term! Parental notification allows an abuser parent to perpetuate his abuse on his daughter, thus destroying her life. You would force women to carry monstrosities and retarded fetuses in the womb to birth; you care nothing about the expense, sacrifice, and whatever else this entails. Women might have health problems where a pregnancy is a death sentence; here too, you insist on NO EXCEPTIONS and impose skull-and-crossbones upon her. A girl is raped by her boyfriend. Sorry, they have no baby unless it is conceived in love. She should get rid of it and go on with her life.

ABOUT CONTRACEPTION – Pills, IUDs and rubbers are the great equalizers! Now there is no dual standard where men can sow their wild oats and women are brushed aside as harlots and used women. I like sex and there is no reason I should wait until marriage (a stupid piece of paper) to get me some. I am a woman and I like sleeping with men. If a guy is friendly and clean, hell yes, I want to f**k him and have oral sex, too! As long as it does not hurt anyone, what does it matter? I should not be forced to get pregnant for just having a good time. No way, I want pleasure without consequences.

FORNICATION - The word “fornication” is your word, not mine. Sex outside of marriage is perfectly natural. Every guy wants it, and when women like me get a taste of it, there is no turning back. It is fun and develops close relationships. There is nothing like waking up naked in the arms of some boy you have had the night before. I am completely opposed on limits. Freedom is only freedom when it is not boxed in by silly rules. If I want to go to bed with two guys, or three guys, or a girl thrown in— that is my choice! Unless you have tried it, you have no right to talk. I would encourage anyone to get naked with friends and to explore their bodies and sensations. Touch should not be outlawed! Kisses along my legs, my stomach, my breasts, and all the actions that go along with them-- YES! Oh, my mouth waters for my next experience! You can eat like a pig or drink yourself into a stupor and that is considered okay! But if I should like my boyfriends and multiple orgasms, you call me a slut and say that it is wrong! Who are you to judge me or anyone like me? I bet all your friends are young homeschooled virgins and children; do you play it safe celibate man? Hah! I could tell you stories about some priests I have known, although it is refreshing that a few might like a piece of adult female ass over a little boy’s shame.

This one priest I drove nuts. I wore a low cut blouse and shorts up to my ass. I could see the reaction in his pants. That night I had him in my bed. It was the worst f**k I ever had. He did not have a clue how to pleasure a woman. You would have thought all that pent-up passion would have been like an atomic explosion. Instead, it was a quick slam-bam-thank you-mam! You are all hypocrites and liars, about this I am positive. You are secret masturbators and voyeurs! Nevertheless, you presume that you can counsel others?

HOMOSEXUALITY – While I prefer Johns to Janes, (I like the male equipment better), it makes for an interesting change once-in-a-while. It also helps a woman to better know her body by knowing another woman’s. I am not very knowledgeable about man-on-man action, but that is their business. Everyone needs to find love in her or her own way.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Go for It! You Are Worth It!

Some boys think I am just a BIMBO, but hey, can I help it if I like boys, and a rump in the hay every once-in-a-while?

Okay, I am what they call easy; but think what a loving and peaceful world we would have if everyone were "easy".

I make few demands. All I want is a good time. If it feels good, it is okay. That is the motto I live by.

I have so many friends. All the boys like me. They kiss me and hug me and do all the good stuff with me, yes, even on the first date. Looks are important, but sometimes you would be surprised by the performance of a fat or ugly boy. They have a lot more to prove.

My advice is that women should want to be SEX OBJECTS! It is the surest way for us to take charge, no matter if on a date or in the work office. I get constant presents of jewlery, perfume, candy, and money. The guys show their appreciation to a girl who likes being loved and who has a lot of loving to give.

Pills and condoms are important because an unwanted pregnancy is devastating to waistlines and a healthy outgoing lifestyle. Also, you don't want to give a married boss or boyfriend a reason to resent you and trouble with his wife at home. What spouses do not know will not hurt them. Marriage is unnatural anyway, and so I have no inhibitions about affairs.

One time I dated the whole college football team-- all at the same time-- I woke up with a hangover and naked on the athletic field-- but knew that I had made many new friends and had a good time, too!

You can be like me. Remember, sex is only for RECREATION! It is a holiday without having to go anywhere. So treat yourself as often as you can. Find different people so that you can explore the experience-- I assure you it is something new every time I find a new friend to love.

Go for it! You are worth it!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Listen you old foggies, either jump out of bed and get into action or PULL THE PLUG! Life is for living and you only come this way once. I still hit the bars, go out dancing and flirt my skirt off, if you know what I mean!

Right wing male fanatics and and their brain-washed female slaves are seeking to take away our rights, but don't you let them!

Pleasure and looking out for NUMBER ONE is what it is about in this world. To your own self be true! Don't let anyone tell you what to do, especially some male chauvinistic pig! I AM WOMAN, AND I AM STRONG!

Did you see the pictures of a recent (so-called) RIGHT TO LIFE March in DC? There were hundreds of thousands of teenagers, and a majority GIRLS! What the devil is going on? Maybe their boyfriends, or girlfriends, are too timid to initiate them into the JOY OF SEX? Or maybe they are forced to attend by their parents, pastors and parochial schools? There should be some law against young people, who cannot vote, from lobbying in such ways. It is not like they are complete and whole people, afterall.

Where were my PRO-CHOICE friends? They were down the street, and doing what, having a prayer vigil! Pleeeeease, let us not betray our roots! A patriarchal church and a MAN-made religion will only perpetuate female oppression!

Pray if you must, but pray to the goddess!

We should have gathered in such numbers as to dwarf the million or so fetus-lovers that showed up. Our chants should have drowned theirs out! HELL NO, STAND WITH ROE! HELL NO, STAND WITH ROE!

Baby dolls on a stick, bloodied costumes and vulgar posters-- this annual march in January is the worst obscenity we have to face each year.


That's one of our cries, but why are our numbers getting smaller? Sure we have Hollywood on our side, but where are all the new recruits-- and not just for once-a-year protest either?

The anti-abortion fanatics are about their interventions all year, but do you know how hard it is to get free volunteers for Planned Parenthood. Everyone wants to be paid! Fortunately, the money keeps coming in from abortions-- you should see the house and car it has earned me!

As I get older I realize that money is power and there is a lot of money in ABORTION. If you are thinking about the sex business, here is an ideal one for you and most states make it impossible to prosecute botched abortions. Afterall, a technician is not a doctor.

So tell the boys to give lots of lov'in to their honeys and then we can reap the profits, while offering a needed service in the cause of equality!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Unborn Are NOT Victims of Violence

Ashley Lyons, age 18, and "her unborn son Landon" were murdered in Scott County, Kentucky, on January 7, 2004. In the eyes of Kentucky law, the crime had a single victim.

This is as it should be, but now certain legislators are getting involved where they do not belong. If the law is changed and this becomes a DOUBLE HOMICIDE, then anti-choice forces will apply the law to women seeking abortions.

There are NO UNBORN VICTIMS of violence!

I certainly feel sorry for this poor girl, but I have no feelings whatsoever for the discharge that died with her. Holding, praying over, and crying about the fetus was something that her family should not have been allowed to do. It is unsanitary and certainly violates health codes.

We have to lobby Senate Democrats to block Republicans under Bill Frisk in the Senate. Thank goodness, we have pro-choice advocates like Democratic Senator Tom Daschle who has pledged obstruction and the filibustering of the Laci and Conner's Law.

To all such people who lose a fetus because of accident or assault, you did not have a baby or a person to cry over! No child died!!!

Monday, January 16, 2006



This is it girls! If Alito gets on the court, Roe versus Wade is finished. Catholics will be the majority on the Supreme Court and four of the five will be radically anti-choice. We have to stop Alito or the shift is guaranteed. Women will again be murdered in backroom abortions and the blood will be on the hands of vicious Republicans and passive Democrats.


Thursday, June 09, 2005

A Gay Ol' Time for Washington Catholics

An advocacy group (ALWAYS OUR CHILDREN-- named after the American bishops' letter largely composed by Cardinal McCarrick) runs out of the Cathedral of St. Matthew (started by Msgr. Jameson) and the gays have spread the word that they will find it a welcoming environment. It must be admitted that the gay choirs have made a big improvement in music there.

Anyway, a New Ways representative spoke to the advocacy group at the Cathedral some time back and now New Ways is going to have a workshop on Saturday, March 12 at the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas (8380 Colesville Road #300, Silver Spring, MD 20910). The speakers include Brother Terence Cant, CFC, who is a member of the Congregation of Christian Brothers. He is currently finishing his Doctor of Ministry degree at San Francisco Theological Seminary. He is a Program Specialist for New Ways Ministry. The other facilitator is Francis DeBernardo who is the Director of Writing at the University of Maryland and the Executive Director for New Ways Ministry.

(By the way the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas have official standing in the Church and are in the Archdiocesan and National Catholic Directories!)

Brochures for this event were sent to parishes in Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland.

I called the Washington chancery and all they would say was that "We know about it." The voice did not sound happy.

The worshop is entitled, BUILDING BRIDGES - Gay and Lesbian Catholics and the Church.

Here is what the brochure said:

"Discussing gay and lesbian persons and their place in the Church can be challenging. Faith communities question whether to reach out to the gay and lesbian community while lesbian and gay people wonder if they can claim both their faith and their identity. Anger, fear, alienation and misinformation threaten our ability to talk to one another. Yet, we are called to be one Church. We must build bridges of faith and reconciliation."

"Through education, story-telling, dialogue and prayer, this workshop will help participants deepen their understanding of our tradition's wisdom, provide reliable information about the lives of lesbian/gay persons, and strengthen commitments to building bridges between gay/lesbian people and the Catholic Church."

"Drawing upon Scripture, tradition, sexual ethics, social justice and pastoral practice, the workshop is especially valuable for pastoral ministers, religious educators, youth ministers, parents, priests, men and women in religious life, helping professionals, gay/lesbian people."


9 AM - Registration & Coffee or Tea
9:15 AM - Welcome & Introductions
9:45 AM - Video: A Journey of Understanding (Archdiocese of Los Angeles)
11 AM - The Church: What Do We Really Teach?
12 PM - Small Group Discussion
12:30 PM - Bag Lunch
1 PM - Gay/Lesbian Youth and "Coming Out"
1:45 PM - Video: De Colores: Lesbian/Gay Latinos
2:15 PM - Always Our Children: The Church and Parents of Gay/Lesbian Children
2:45 PM - Break
3 PM - Pastoral Planning
4 PM - Departure

REGISTRATION FEE is $45 mailed in & $55 at the door
PAYABLE TO News Ways Ministry, 4012 29th St., Mt. Rainier, MD 20712

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Revolt of the Gay Church

St. Joan of Arc Parish was told by the Vatican to remove the gay pride materials from its website. They refused.

They pride themselves on being welcoming of homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgendered persons. They recently had a couple witness to their love and are on the record for promoting homosexulity in the schools.

Fortunately, Archbishop Harry Flynn only gives lip-service to Rome. He is definitely on our side of the fence. Note that the Basilica of St. Mary is the home of the GLBT (Lay-Lesbian-Bisexual-Transgendered) group Basilica Boulevards that has given talks and workshops at St. Joan of Arc. Yes, the nut does not fall far from the tree. They have a monthly "coming out" worship service.

The Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities (CPCSC) linked to the parish, is dedicated to affirming sexual minorities, particular from a Catholic background. Each year they offer the Bishop Gumbleton Peace and Justice Award and the Fr. LeMay Award (co-founder of Dignity). Bishop Gumbleton has a gay sibling and is on the record as a fervent supporter of gay rights.

Other diocesan parishes have also supported gay rights and St. Frances Cabrini Church has sponsored a series of gay speakers. There are some eleven "gay-friendly" churches in the diocese.

The old men in Rome are wrong. We are the People. We know what is right and real. Gay marriage and relationships can be defended from the Scriptures and from science.

Love is stronger than law!